The ancestor goddess Valaya is the wife of both Grungni and Grimnir; with whom she bore three sons of distinction: Grungni sired Smednir and Thungni, and Grimnir did beget Morgrim. She is the goddess of the hearth, healing and brewing; she is the founder of many Dwarfholds, including Karaz – a – Karak and Karak Eight Peaks. Valaya is the protector of the dwarven race, and is credited with establishing the dwarven culture and inventing their runic script. When Grungni prophesied the coming Age of Chaos, Valaya devised a special rune to protect the dwarves and their underground homes from the hostile magic inherent in the warp matter.

Valaya is depicted as the archetypal dwarven woman with long, braided hair reaching to her feet. She is normally shown wearing chain mail over a purple gown, and carrying a rune – axe named Kradskonti “Peace Giver.”

Alignment: Neutral.

Symbol: A shield with the runic representation of Ancestor Queen “Gromthi Rinn,” is the symbol most often associated with the cult of Valaya. Other symbols include a sheaf of hops and a stylized hearth.


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