River Reik

The Empire forms a singular river basin, and drains the melt waters from the following mountain ranges: the World’s Edge Mountains, the Black Mountains, The Vaults, the Grey Mountains and even the Middle Mountains in the midst of The Empire itself.

The River Reik proper begins where the rivers – Soll and the Upper Reik, merge at the City of Pfeildorf, in the Imperial Province of Wissenland. As the Reik flows northwards it is soon joined by another of its major tributaries; the River Aver drains into the Reik at the City of Nuln, at the nexus of four Imperial Provinces – Reikland, Stirland, Averland and Wissenland.

The majestic River Reik then continues north, eventually changing course to the northeast at the Town of Kemperbad, in the Imperial Province of Talabecland; where it is joined by the broad River Stir. The celebrated River Reik continues flowing towards The Empire’s Capital of Altdorf; where it is finally joined by the last of its major tributaries, the mighty Talabec River – the sacred river of Taal.

Thereafter the River Reik is joined by several minor tributaries, as it establishes the common border for the Imperial Provinces of Reikland and Middenland. The inspiring river continues flowing towards the Free City of Marienburg, in the Wasteland; where it eventually spends itself in the Sea of Claws.

Major Tributaries and headwaters of the River Reik:

  1. The River Sol begins in The Vaults.
  2. The Upper Reik begins in the Black Mountains.
  3. The River Aver begins in The Moot where the Blue Reach and Aver Reach merge, and flows westwards thereafter. The Imperial Province of Averland is named after this river.
    • The Blue Reach begins in the World’s Edge Mountains.
    • The Aver Reach begins in the World’s Edge Mountains.
  4. The River Stir begins in the World’s Edge Mountains. A very large river, it is the border between the Imperial Provinces of Talabecland and Stirland, the later of which is named after the river. Flowing west, the Stir meets and flows into the Reik at Kemperbad.
  5. Beginning at Bechafen, the sacred Talabec River flows westwards. This river is held sacred to Taal, and the Imperial Province of Talabecland is named after the river. It eventually flows into the River Reik at the Imperial Capital of Altdorf, where it deposits the rich black soil provided by the Wolf’s Run and Drakwasser rivers.
    • The Lower Talabec begins in the World’s Edge Mountains, where it prescribes a portion of The Empire’s border with the Realm of Kislev.
    • The Upper Talabec begins in the World’s Edge Mountains, and eventually joins the Lower Talabec at the City of Bechafen; where the River Talabec begins proper.
    • The River Urskoy begins at the World’s Edge Mountains, in Kislev; flowing southwards and eventually joining the sacred Talabec at the Town of Slavyanaskaya.
    • The Wolf’s Run begins in the Middle Mountains, and carries rich dark soil to the Talabec – the two merge near the City of Talabheim.
    • The Drakwasser River also begins in the Middle Mountains while carrying rich dark soil to the Talabec too. The Drakwasser River spills into the Talabec at the Town of Ahlenhof.

River Reik

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