Grey Mountains

The Grey Mountains are a significant mountain range rising from the foothills of the Gisoreux Gap – near the Pale Sisters and the Sea of Claws in the north; as the mountain chain extends far to the south – only ending when they reach The Vaults. Their majestic peaks rise above the nations of The Empire in the east, and the Kingdom of Bretonnia and the wood elven Realm of Athel Loren to the west.

The mountains are known for their treacherously unstable rock, and are largely devoid of any great mineral wealth; as such it isn’t claimed by either realm, and certainly not by the Wood Elves. There are scattered communities of dwarves found throughout the mountain range, but they are neither numerous or wealthy. They are often called Grey Dwarves, and they are comparitively small and rustic with simple tastes. The largest dwarfhold within the mountains is that of Karak Norn, resting upon the only modest deposits of ore and semi – precious stones yet found. The younger Grey Dwarves are increasingly leaving their home, for adventure and riches elsewhere.

Passes of the Grey Mountains:

  • Gisoreux Gap: The uplands of the Gisoreux Gap are the foothills stretching between the Grey Mountains in the south, and the Pale Sisters to the north. This pass is the dominate trade route between The Empire, City of Marienburg, and the Kingdom of Bretonnia to the south. The Empire’s garrison at Fort Bergres oversees their end of the pass; while Bretonnian troops from Castle Desfleuve maintain control on their side. The Gisoreux Gap isn’t without tension; having served as the predominant route of invasion between the two nations.

  • Crooked Corridor: Those wishing to avoid the tolls levied by the garrisons of the Axe Bite Pass, for the upkeep thereof (and are willing to brave the perils) are more likely to use this pass. The Imperial Fortress of Blackstone Tower oversees The Empire’s security.

  • Axe Bite Pass: After the Gisoreax Gap, this pass is the most heavily traveled trade corridor between The Empire and the Kingdom of Bretonnia. The pass begins in the Imperial Province of Reikland, at the Fortress – City of Helmgart; nearer the headwaters of the River Schilder – than those of the River Bogen. The Bretonnian end of the pass is supervised by the Castle of Monfort’s garrison.

  • Grey Lady Pass: Begins in the Imperial Province of Reikland, along the edge of the Reikwald Forests, and the Town of Ubersreik. The pass climbs west along the course of the River Teufel and beyond the headwaters; where it eventually turns southwest as it descends through the mountains, and the road continues toward the Bretonnian City of Parravon – north of the Forest of Loren. Another pass out of Ubersreik leads south into the Grey Mountains to the nearby dwarfhold of Karak Azgaraz.

  • Kazid Grimaz Trail:

  • Gragrut Corridor:

  • Granite Pass: In the Imperial Province of Wissenland sits the Village of Heisenberg – near the headwaters of a tributary to the River Soll. The road passing through this village connects the Town of Meissen with the Granite Pass that climbs into the Grey Mountains, toward the predominant dwarfhold of the region – Karak Norn. The dwarves persist in their vigilance over the western end of the pass, where it enters the wood elves Realm of Athel Loren.

  • Drin Corridor:

  • Karak Ziflin Pass:

  • The Montdidier Pass circumscribes the southern boundary of the Grey Mountains with that of The Vaults. The east end of the pass begins in the town of Kreutzhofen, in Wissenland – near the headwaters of the River Soll. The town also serves as the jumping – off point for the Winters’ Teeth Pass, of the Black Mountains too. The western end of the pass meets the Loren Road, running along the southern border of Bretonnia; where the mountains merge with the Wildwoods – the Forest of Loren.

Grey Mountains

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