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  • Miner's Bounty

    An inn and hostelry within [[Skalf's Hold]], the sign above the entry depicts a miner's pick resting upon a pile of gold nuggets. The establishment caters to the miners working the ruins, and is the premier social club for …

  • Skalf's Hold

    %{color:red}_Welcome to Karak Azgal 'Hoard Peak' or if you like 'Dragon’s Crag' – Where the Old Dwarven Ruins are open for plunder, if you can afford the price!_%

    First Impressions:

    Dragon's Eye Pub

    Above the entrance to this building is an illustrated placard, with the head of a winking dragon. The name above the dragon's head is written in Kazalid, and below the name is repeated in Reikspiel: Dragon's Eye Pub.

  • Great Temple of the Ancestors

    At the center of this inspiring structure is an immense, domed – circular tower surrounded by eight smaller towers; between each of the smaller towers is an ornately carved set of stone doors, along with great stained glass …

  • Temple of Myrmidia

    This "L" shaped building is a squat, two – story structure with many shields adorning the exterior walls; the shields all bear distinctive arms, and as a collection they appear to represent every corner of the Old World. The …

  • Miner's Guild

    This two story structure is the center of a great deal of dwarven traffic throughout the day, and well into the evening. Many of these dwarves can be seen carrying picks and lanterns – toward the end of the day they will …