This is the virtual chronicle for a party of characters that eventually came to be called The Fellowship of the Forge by many of the inhabitants within Kazad Migdhal ‘Skalf’s Hold’ — others have not been so kind. The campaign (Warhammer 2ed. — “Karak Azgal”) and the characters have seen a couple false starts, both at the table and online. With the time constraints of the previous Game Master, I have stepped in for him to run the campaign south of the Empire; as he continues to run another campaign within; primarily for several friends located around the country. Empire_Apocalypse Group: OOC S1, the first of the original three groups. That campaign follows the exploits of The Six — Bladed Doom Cult as they attempt to locate and destroy the third and last artifact containing the remaining essence of the daemon Xanthrodox Incarnadine; as plague, and the zombies spreading it, assail them from every direction.

This particular campaign picks up from where our group left off, in the Forges of Karak Azgal; as the very same plague now affecting the Empire of the Old World, seems to be spreading throughout this vicinity too. What the connection may be is unknown, as is the very fact that the plague extends beyond the region of Karak Azgal. Within the ruins The Fellowship of the Forge had made significant progress toward the elimination of nefarious elements within, these include:

  • The skaven grey – seer Farquan and others of the Vechiare Clan.
  • Screetch and his Yellow Eye Night Goblins within the mines of Karak Azgal.
  • The orc warboss Gorgal Ironfoot and orc shaman Wingnot along with the rest of the Black Tooth Orcs, within the dwarven holdfast of the Skorrun Clan.
  • The river troll chieftain Ugma and his retinue of river trolls in the Dark Reservoir.
  • The skaven warlock Skreet and those of the Skryre Clan within the Forges.
  • The elven liche Koros – dar Nael and the human necromancer Grimald, along with their undead servants, within The Hall of Bones – the ancestral crypts of Karak Azgal.

Following the defeat of the elven liche the victorious party split into two groups. The core members of the Fellowship of the Forge remained within the forges to retain the gains made within the ruins. Those returning to the surface were only loosely affiliated with the Fellowship, but this party did include the stalwart member Baelik Rorganson. Baelik’s mission was to return with food, supplies and the Runemaster Mourendar Boulderdash’s entourage of dwarven smiths, to begin operations within the forges.

After a two month interlude, Baelik hadn’t returned to the forges and half of the Fellowship began their ascent to determine the reason for the delay, and complete the mission if need be. It is at this point, the original game master initiated the original Play by Post campaign Empire Apocalypse; wherein the third of three threads was to include the exploits of The Fellowship of the Forge group. I will eventually port the adventure logs to this website, so please remain patient, as I begin the process of building the online campaign; eventually the site will also include the prior deeds of a few characters, most notably my own – Mourendar Bouldardash and Kwarjieh Headstone.

Forges of Karak Azgal

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