Fellowship of the Forge

The Fellowship of the Forge evolved through the patronage of Mourendar Boulderdash; bringing together those that would reclaim the ruins of Karak Azgal, and Ghal – Maraz, for the dwarves and Runelords alike. Thereby putting an end to the desecration, and looting, of the dwarves’ cultural and spiritual heritage. To those pledging their service, Mourendar has promised to craft for them fitting rune – items, as gifts in payment of their honor. Recently the fellowship has gained the support, within Skalf’s Hold, of the High Priestess of ValayaBalikina Furlisdotr.

As Mourendar told those of the fellowship, and others, “You’ll profit more in the service of the living, than by bleeding the dead.” While the disdain Mourendar feels for the Lawbringers, and their sacrilegious racket – he speaks candidly, “It’s better to die boldly upon your feet, than live on your knees as a parasite!”

Current Members:

Mourendar Boulderdash

Kwarjieh Headstone

Imrak Grosz


Sigurd (Gene son of Eric)

Baelik Rorganson


Thrunbor Gimrigson

Honorably Deceased Members:

Dishonorable — Former Members:

Gottfried Flugenbazell

Fellowship of the Forge

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