Gloves of Jarfreit

Mourendar's - Gloves of Jarfreit


The Gloves of Jarfreit bestow a bonus of 10% to both the wearer’s weapon skill and strength abilities.


The elegant leather gloves were created a little over a century ago for the personal champion of a wizard in the northern Empire. The first wearer, the eponymous Jarfreit, was an excellent warrior and was never defeated. His successor, Magnus, relied too much on the power of the gloves and was defeated by an assassin who also killed his master and stole the gloves. Wolfgang recovered them fairly early in his career.

Following Wolfgang’s demise and the destruction of the second artifact of chaos in Altdorf, the party agreed to give the gloves to Mourendar, as he was apparently in most need of the magical gloves’ benefits.

Gloves of Jarfreit

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