Baelik Rorganson

Dwarven Veteran


66 year old blonde-haired gray-eyed dwarf, 4’ 10", 137 lbs. Tattoo on back of the Rorganson Clan crest. His hair and beard are braided. Face, arms, torso bear the scares of battle.


Baelik is a native of Karak Azgal. His father is an armoursmith, and mother is a high-ranking military official. His younger brother serves in the army. Baelik served the army as a soldier and currently serves the needs of the Rorganson Clan as a veteran. He carries the axe Orcbane and having joined the Fellowship of the Forge, Baelik recently pledged to sway the Roganson Clan into joining the cause of Mourendar Boulderdash.

Baelik Rorganson

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