Slave – Girl rescued from the Liche – Koros–dar Nael


Aluthra is an alluringly — beautiful, and very friendly barmaid from Bretonnia. She has shoulder length black hair, pale features and dark circles beneath her eyes — perhaps from her long — standing slavery to the undead?


Aluthra fled her homeland of Bretonnia to escape an arranged marriage, and found work as a barmaid at the coaching—inn, of a remote village. Within the village’s nearby catacombs the liche Koros—dar Nael and his young servant, the necromancer Grimald, carried out their macabre rituals. Grimald’s interest soon turned to warmer flesh when he encountered Aluthra’s beauty; he abducted her, ostensibly for his master’s pleasure! When the necromancers relocated to the Crypts of Karak Azgal they left her with her life, but not behind.

When Koros was defeated by the Fellowship of the Forge, Aluthra was freed, and she returned to the surface with Kurt Conrad and Andar Revelstone — among others.


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